Israeli arms m1

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Israeli arms m1

Israeli Surplus M1 Carbines

This article deals with the history and development of tanks of the Israeli Armyfrom their first use after World War II in the establishment of the State of Israel after the end of the British Mandate, and into the Cold War and what today is considered the modern era. Before Israel gained independence inneither Israel nor the Arab nations surrounding it had many tanks.

The Arabs and the Israelis had to find their weapons through arms dealers, or from any country that would supply them. The first armored tanks and vehicles in Israel were, like many other countries, imported or based on other's designs; but eventually evolved into their own tank designs.

But in Israel the plans to import them began before the country even was formed and rudimentory built armoured cars and trucks were prepared in secret.

The Palmach was an elite fighting force of the Haganahthe underground army of the Yishuv Jewish community and had been established on 15 May and organized so by the outbreak of the Israeli War for Independence in it consisted of over 2, men and women in three fighting brigades.

Following the United Nations General Assembly vote for the Partition Plan for Palestine on 29 Novemberthe Jewish forces plans went into action to build and procure mobile armoured cars and supply trucks and to purchase and bring in tanks and a large number of half-tracks to prepare for the termination of the British Mandate and Israeli proclamation of statehood on 14 May From January onwards, operations became increasingly militarized.

A number of Arab Liberation Army regiments infiltrated into Palestine, each active in a variety of distinct sectors around the different coastal towns.

They consolidated their presence in Galilee and Samaria. Having recruited a few thousand volunteers, al-Husayni organised the blockade of theJewish residents of Jerusalem. To counter this, the Yishuv authorities tried to supply the city with convoys of up to armoured vehicles, but the operation became more and more impractical as the number of casualties in the relief convoys surged.

israeli arms m1

By March, al-Husayni's tactic had paid off. Almost all of Haganah 's armoured vehicles had been destroyed, the blockade was in full operation, and hundreds of Haganah members who had tried to bring supplies into the city were killed. The British decided on 7 February to support the annexation of the Arab part of Palestine by Jordan. Ben-Gurion ordered Yigal Yadin to plan in preparation for the announced intervention of the Arab states. The result of his analysis was Plan Daletwhich was put in place from the start of April onwards.

The adoption of Plan Dalet marked the second stage of the war, in which Haganah took the offensive and the stated purpose of which was to take control of the territory of the Jewish state and to defend its borders and people, including the Jewish population outside of the borders, in expectation of an invasion by regular Arab armies.

If no resistance was met, the residents could stay put, under military rule. The first operation, named Nachshonwas directed at lifting the blockade on Jerusalem. The Arab attacks on communications and roads has intensified. The failure of the convoys and the loss of Jewish armoured vehicles has shaken the Yishuv leaders confidence.

The operation was successful, and enough foodstuffs to last 2 months were trucked into Jerusalem for distribution to the Jewish population.The Carbine you are describing is manufactured by Israeli Arms International. Considering that the DCM U. I have a chance to buy an m1 carbine iai m I can buy it for in very good condition. Are they junk? The frames can be from any of about a half dozen diff countries judging by what's turning up, but they're great guns put together in great fashion.

It's as close to a "new" M! I've heard of firing pins and operating rods sometimes breaking If yours is used, it's had all the bugs worked out. The M1 carbine was a good gun and one in good condition is certainly worth what the persin is asking. Without seeing it, no one can tell you if it really is in good condition. Ask the seller if you can take it to a gunsmith to have him look at it to tell you what condition it is in.

There are a lot of things on the inside that might not be in such good condition as the outside might suggest. If it actually is in good condition, grab it.

Israel Arms Inter. M888 M1 Carbine in 30 Carbine (FFL No. J-164)

Buy it immediately. They typically go for around plus. While individual specimens could very well be junk, in general they are highly regarded. They were the standard issue rifle during the second world war by the united statesand not only are they nice guns, but its like owning a little piece of history. Hi this is Tom ,the m1 carbine is one of the rifles used by our boys to chase the warmongers back to their own countries in ww 2they are great gun's ,BUT you should have 1 checked out by a gun smith ,if you know one the years could have put the damage on it pretty good.

If you live around Brownsville P A. Buy the gun, it's not really powerful enough for deer hunting but they make a good home defense gun and the prices are going crazy.

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The military versions are bringing the most money, but I haven't seen any sell that cheep in years. Answer Save. JD Lv 7. This Site Might Help You. RE: I have a chance to buy an m1 carbine iai m I'd go for it and not look back. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Mike M. Hillabee Creek Redneck. Stampy Skunk Lv 6. Show more answers 4. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Perhaps some info there is what you're looking for It was made in Houston Tex.

They made all of their own receivers and used all the G. They have good and bad reviews. I had one for about a month. My buddy is struggling with one of these carbines as I write this.

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The rear sight design is junk. On his rifle the barrel is indexed improperly and it shoots way right. The machining on the receiver slide grove was so rough it was slowing down the bolt and causing stovepipes on extraction.

The slide lock detent hole was too shallow. Oh and he just found a crack in the stock. Anniversary edition with the medallion I'd recommend you stay away from the rifle.

ETA: Back from the smith I'm sure glad this rifle isn't mine. Am I wrong, or are they now Khar? Yes I believe you're right. Auto Ordnance, Thompson and Kahr all seem to be under the same ownership. For a while Auto Ordnance was making an M1 Carbine Perhaps you buddy could rebuild his carbine with one of these new receivers and end up with a decent carbine! Import marked USGI carbines can be bought for about this amount.

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Which were usually well taken care of. Don't know anyone offering them right now.This is from Keepshooting.

I thought you all might find this interesting. We also know that Obama has refused to allow them to be imported back to where they belong. Did you know that Israel has just as many M1 Carbines as Korea? While Korea continues to sit on our US History, the Israeli's have been selling off lend lease guns to European gun dealers for years.

Here's some pictures from a shipment one of our European suppliers just received. Sadly none of these can be imported, and most will end up being turned into deactived guns and sold in Europe.

There's around 4, guns in total, not a huge number, but not a small number either. Remember this in and vote the right way.

Thanks from bustedknuckles and IH What a shame Because of my faith and this forum rules I can't say it! I can think it!!!! I just can't say it. Thanks from joneso and Glashaus. My Pictures. It's truly a shame they can't be brought in.

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They deserve to be returned home. Unfortunately things won't get any better. Hopefully we might see some much needed small parts come in. Thanks from Glashaus. I am really hoping that in a different administration the Korean M1's and M1 Carbines will be allowed to be imported. I have owned many M1 carbines over the years, but never kept hold of one, I always seemed to prefer 5.

I would like another but hate the prices that they are now! Thanks from ray55classic. Glashaus, I hear ya. We can always hope.

israeli arms m1

I too always migrate back to for some reason or another. Mine may or may not go bye bye. I'm up in the air on it. I like it, but don't see a real role for it in my eyes. My g21 is my go to for everything inside.The military equipment of Israel includes a wide array of arms, armored vehicles, artillery, missiles, planes, helicopters, and warships.

israeli arms m1

Many of these are purchased overseas and many are indigenous designs. In the early 21st century, Israeli companies such as Soltam Systems began selling arms to the United States. In addition to weapons purchased overseas and indigenous products, Israel also operates and maintains large stockpiles of Soviet -made equipment captured from Arab armies over the course of the Arab—Israeli conflict.

This was due to the severe limitation in obtaining war materiel the British Mandate and the Arab embargo.

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During the s, the IDF began the process of standardization, relying primarily on French military equipment. During the Six-Day War, the military cooperation with France ceased the French Weapons Embargo of and Israel began to rely on American weaponry and on local research and development.

During the s and s, the IDF increased its supplies of American armsarmor and aircraftaiming for technological superiority over Arab countries, toward "a smaller, smarter army".

The reliance on locally manufactured military equipment has also greatly increased. Today, the overwhelming majority of Israel's military equipment is either manufactured in the United States and often modified in Israeli workshopsor is developed and manufactured locally, with an increasing emphasis on advanced technology, including aerospace and electronics. Below are the IDF's active service watercraft.

The year of service, speed, full load displacement, and crew members, are in parentheses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Military equipment in service with Israel's military. Archived from the original on Retrieved Aid 10 September Foreign Policy.

Israel's Newest And Most Advanced Weapons A Fear For Enemies

Archived from the original on 7 March Retrieved 10 March Its sensitivities were galvanized by the capture of large quantities of Soviet CW-related equipment during both the Arab-Israeli and the Yom Kippur wars.

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These copies were marketed to the general public and police agencies but were not made for or used by the U. Infirearms designer Melvin M. Johnson introduced a version of the M1 Carbine called the "Spitfire" that fired a 5.

israeli arms m1

The Spitfire fired a grain 2. Johnson advertised the smaller caliber and the modified carbine as a survival rifle for use in jungles or other remote areas. While the concept had some military application when used for this role in the selective-fire M2 Carbineit was not pursued, and few Spitfire carbines were made.

The original Auto-Ordnance had produced various replacement parts for IBM during World War II, but did not manufacture complete carbines until the introduction of this replica.

The AOM and AOM models no longer produced featured birch stocks and handguards, Parkerized receivers, flip-style rear sights and barrel bands without bayonet lugs. The company claims accuracy of 1. Home Contact Privacy. Other commercial manufacturers have included: Alpine of Azusa, Calif. Bullseye Gun Works of Miami, Fla. Manufactured replacement parts for the same carbines.

Also for commercial export worldwide. Johnston-Tucker of St. Louis, Mo. Box in Dunellen, N. Texas Armament Co. Universal Firearms of Hialeah, Fla. However, beginning inthe company began producing the "New Carbine", which externally resembled the M1 but was in fact a completely new firearm internally, using a different receiver, bolt carrier, bolt, recoil spring assembly, etc.

Acquired by Iver Johnson in and moved to Jacksonville, Ark. Williams Gun Sight of Davison, Mich. Terms related to m1 carbine :. Source s : Wikipedia Copies Creative Commons.


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